How to Build a Portrait with Dice (using Photoshop)

I recently found this very interesting post about building a portrait with dice while reading Hacker News. In it, Scott MacDonald explains how to code a script to generate a mosaic of dice from an image. Since I’m more of a designer than a coder, this got me wondering if I could achieve the same effect using only my trusted Photoshop…

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The Other Reason why Lorem Ipsum is Hurting Your Designs

I know what you’re thinking: “Oh, one more post about how content is king and you should design with real copy and not fake text… Well guess what, my client hasn’t given me any copy to work with, but they still want me to produce something. What now?”

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How to Redesign

I’d like to talk about redesigns. Specifically, the unsolicited kind.

Unsolicited redesigns are when a designer takes it upon themselves to redesign a site for free without having been asked by the company. I recently did a quick Quora redesign myself, and it prompted me to explore this topic.

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