Coders Who Can’t Design And Designers Who Can’t Code

You’ve probably encountered these two endangered species in the wild before. The developer who “has no eye for color”, “does not understand typography”, and “absolutely cannot design”. Or the designer who “sucked at math even in primary school”, is a “left-brained person”, or “doesn’t want to mess up the code”…

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Quick Tip: Using jQuery to include files

One common problem when developing html templates, is that you have to duplicate the same code a lot: every page needs the same header and footer, and this goes against the DRY principle. In a WordPress theme, you would simply use a PHP include, but what if you can’t use PHP? Some buyers use ASP, Rails, or other server-side languages, and will not be able to parse PHP on their server.

An alternative is to use client-side Javascript to include your content. This way, your template will work no matter which server-side language is being used, and thanks to the magic of jQuery it only takes a few lines of code. Read more →