Common Portfolio Mistakes (and how to fix them)

Over at the Folyo blog, I just wrote an article about the most common mistakes designers make when designing their own portfolios. I encourage you to read the full article, but here’s a quick run-down.

  • Mistake #1: Not having a portfolio
  • Mistake #2: Using a cookie-cutter tagline to introduce yourself
  • Mistake #3: Having tiny thumbnails
  • Mistake #4: Only showing small screenshots of your work
  • Mistake #5: Displaying inconsistent work
  • Mistake #6: Not providing enough details about your work
  • Mistake #7: Having an unfocused portfolio

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I'm Sacha Greif, a web designer freelancing out of Paris, France. You can check out my portfolio, and of course you should follow me on Twitter.

2 Responses to “Common Portfolio Mistakes (and how to fix them)”

  • Cory

    Good list, I’m always amazed people have mistake 1. We put up a graphic designer job posting and you wouldn’t beleive how many had no portfolio on their site.

    26 Oct 7:32 pm
  • Mike Mai

    haha, the portfolio section on my site is missing right now, but i’m working on it!

    3 Nov 11:48 am

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