Introducing Folyo

I’m happy to introduce my newest personal project, Folyo

Folyo is a newsletter of curated job offers, sent to great designers all over the world. It costs $100 to submit a job offer, and if it’s accepted it will then be posted to the site and sent to designers in the next newsletter.

Why Folyo?

Folyo was born out of two realizations: first, as a successful freelance designer, I didn’t know where to refer clients when I couldn’t accept their project. Second, I realized many companies had a hard time finding good designers. The old “ask around” method shows its limits when your ideal designer might very well be living halfway around the world.

So I decided to do something about these two related problems: I created a simple newsletter of job offers that I’d send to other reliable and experienced freelance designers.

After a couple months of maintaining this service, and getting great feedback from both designers and companies, I decided the concept was worth exploring further, and so I built Folyo.

Unlike a stand-alone newsletter, Folyo also gives clients a central place where they can manage designer’s replies. What’s more, having stats on who has replied means that I can also guarantee a minimum number of replies.

So go check it out and let me know what you think :)

About Me

I'm Sacha Greif, a web designer freelancing out of Paris, France. You can check out my portfolio, and of course you should follow me on Twitter.

3 Responses to “Introducing Folyo”

  • Rishi

    This looks awesome! Thanks for creating this.

    20 Sep 7:16 pm
  • Kailash Iyer

    This is fantastic! A direct approach would be beneficial to both clients and designers! I’m looking forward to when designer invites are available again.

    28 Sep 3:08 pm
  • waypoccampect

    Приглашаем присоединится Вас в нашей группе Вконтакте, посвященной заработку в интернет

    17 Dec 7:37 pm

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